CB4000 Biometric Time Clock with Online Reporting

Product Description

Upgrade your old fashioned time clock to a NEW online based biometric time system. Model CB4000 features multiple clocking methods. Use biometric verification to prevent employee fraud! CB4000 offers NEW palm vein scanning technology proven to be more accurate then fingerprint. You can also enroll employees with their facial profile, and use facial recognition algorithm for quick and touch free verification. Fingerprint scanner and traditional RFID badge scanner are also available and come standard.

Note: this model requires monthly subscription to web based time attendance interface. Free 30-Days trial included; after 30-days below pricing applies.

– Multiple Biometric verification methods built-in, featuring new Palm Vein scan technology more accurate then any other methods in the market
– WiFi connection to Online CloudBiometric Time Clock Software – no installation or configuration on your PC required
– Free 30-Days Software Trial included; after 30-days monthly pricing starting at $15/for up to 19 employees apply
– Free AndroidApp included with GPS verification and Optional Photo ID to help track off-site or remote employee attendance
– Online software includes many features such as proactive schedule deviation alerts, approaching overtime alerts, auto-lunch deductions, jobs tracking, and Excel Export for easy payroll integration
– Lifetime technical support, lifetime warranty with free clock replacements included as well as data storage, backups, and upgrades